Peruvian Grill

Peruvian Grill offers the best authentic taste of the Peruvian Cuisine in Sarasota. This business was established in October 2006, when the visionary entrepreneur Jessica Arias and Maria Margueritti decided to share the delicious Peruvian experience with the citizen of the Tampa Bay area.

Since its establishment, Peruvian Grill has not only offered a welcoming atmosphere, but also high quality service and high standards of its employees. The main focus of Peruvian Grill is its clientele. As soon as the customers enter the restaurant, they are transported to the land of the Incas. From Peruvian seafood (Ceviches) to traditional Peruvian dishes (Aji de Gallina & Seco de Res), Peruvian Grill offers a myriad of delicacies that everyone should taste.

Jessica Arias and her family arrived to the United States 18 years ago with a vision: to share the hidden treasures of the Peruvian cuisine with all Americans. Since then they have established several Peruvian restaurants. Maria Margueritti arrived to the United States 21 years ago. Her desire was to share her culture and family restaurant experience with fellow Americans.